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Our first foray into the automotive industry dated back to 2006 when we started supplying mechanical components for comfort systems. Since then, we have successfully ventured into the supply of intricate Powertrain components to major players in the automotive industry.

Year 2016 marks the inflection point where our business began high volume manufacturing of key products in Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) fuel injector and pump systems. We experienced rapid expansions due to worldwide adoption of GDI systems as a result of stringent environmental controls in many countries.

Our manufacturing capability driven by the latest CNC technology also allows us to offer various components used in suspension systems that help our customers gain market share in the OEM business and Aftermarket. 

Today, we pride ourselves to be a strategic partner to many customers whom we offer competitive solution to their needs from our South East Asia setup and extensive supply chain network. We will strive continuously to expand our product offerings that will benefit current and potential customers in other business segments of the automotive industry, including applications in Electric Vehicles.

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