Disk Precision Group

A leading precision engineering solution provider equipped with the latest machining technology, specialising in CNC Turn and Mill.

Since 1986, the DP Group has been the gateway to Asia for various component sourcing needs.

Headquartered in Singapore with multiple manufacturing sites across South East Asia.


Established in 1986, the Disk Precision Group (DP Group) is a leading precision engineering solution provider, equipped with the latest machining technology, specialising in CNC Turn and Mill.

Headquartered in Singapore, our manufacturing sites span South East Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

DP Group’s automotive division has a 10-year track record in high volume component production for fuel injectors (including GDi injectors), fuel pumps, comfort system and other automotive sub-assemblies.

From manufacturability analysis, prototyping, to full production run, we work closely with our clients to achieve total solutions. Out team of customer service engineers serve a world-wide clientele, meeting your requirements via our plants in South East Asia and other Asian partners.

Our corporate team in Singapore ensures we are at the forefront in process control expertise, with access to the latest CNC machine tool and metrological technology to constantly innovate our manufacturing capabilities. Our manufacturing sites in Malaysia and Thailand help us to offer cost competitive products.

Our supply chain network positions us as a total solution provider, with established partners in material supplies, surface & heat treatments, logistics management and the full array of precision engineering processes we do not manage in-house.

The DP Group is your gateway to Asia for your component sourcing needs.




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